endings and beginnings

this past week has been such a roller coaster of emotional everything.  i lost some people who were very dear to my heart amid some back stabbing, mean girl, high school type bullshit drama.  my heart hurt, a lot.  not only for myself, but for my whole group of friends.  its been crazy, but i have learned many lessons this past week, and i have no doubt that the rest of us will heal, and my group of friends that have remained will become closer.

amid this drama though, some pretty damn amazing things have happened as well.  i’ve been talking to someone since my birthday, and there is a possibility of a future relationship.  we have said from the very beginning that we will take things slow.  he is a friend i went to school with.  i had the hugest crush on him all through high school but always thought he was way too cool and cute for me.  he said he always thought i was gorgeous but we were both way too shy to ever say anything back then.  he messaged me late at night to wish me a happy birthday.  he said he hoped i’d had a great day.  i said it was ok, but very emotional and that divorce sucks.  he had no idea i was separated, i guess he missed it when i posted something about it.   he jokingly started hitting on me, and i hit right back on him, then it turned into seriously hitting on each other.  we are both really busy, but would meet occasionally.  he has been super awesome.  he’s been there when i was lonely.  he’s helped me through depressed nights when i thought i couldn’t go on.  he has been so patient with me, waiting, knowing i was going through a separation and was emotionally very fragile, never pressing or pushing anything.  so, i’m excited to see where things go from here.

on friday night, i finally got to live out a dream i have had since i was about 5 years old.  i got to go see new kids on the block live!!  omg it was great and they are still just as fucking sexy as ever.  boyz II men was also really good.  i’ve never been much of a paula abdul fan but she did put on a really good show.  then sunday, me, my 17 year old daughter, and a good friend went to see roger waters of pink floyd.  it was one of the best concerts i have ever been to, and i’m so grateful that i got to share such an amazing experience with my daughter.  me and her have another concert of wedensday that i am really looking forward to as well.  its a small band from chicago called the kickback.  we saw them back in may when they opened for bush and we both fell in love with the band and the singer.  haha

so yeah, an emotional week, but im healing, and i’m rising back up even stronger.  just you watch.


2 thoughts on “endings and beginnings

  1. so fun to be able to see so much live music. I recently went to the real life mayberry in North Carolina it’s called Mount Airy and they capitalize on the fact that they are the hometown of andy Griffith, anyhow I saw this shirt that was in pink and had a pciture of Floyd the barber and it said Pink Floyd.


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